Trial Magazine

Surging Sales 

MSR began working for the American Association for Justice in 2013, and our team was able to generate an astonishing 96% increase in sales during our first full year.

We continued to build on a very successful first year, with sales increasing by 8% in 2015 and an additional 8% during 2016. By the end of 2016, AAJ print sales had reached a record high of $907,352.

Adapt and Overcome

During 2017, print sales dropped when several full-time advertisers shifted their ad dollars to sponsorship packages that were contracted by a separate team within the association.

MSR aggressively pursued new business in 2018 to replace the revenue lost in 2017. Once again, we were able to reverse the negative trend and ultimately exceeded the previous year's sales with print revenue totaling $876,734 in 2018.

Continued Success

Our success with Trial ad sales has continued in 2019. As of May 21, we have already reached total print revenue of $865,065 and are projecting to hit a new record high by the end of this year.