Mohanna Sales Representatives

We take your non-dues revenue personally


Association Specialists

Whether you are seeking print, digital, exhibit, or sponsorship revenue, Mohanna Sales Representatives (MSR) will accomplish your goals by presenting your association’s visibility opportunities to executives who control the flow of marketing dollars. Instead of conducting business purely online and over the phone, our sales leaders meet with advertisers in person to learn about them and forge meaningful relationships. MSR has an impressive record of achieving results for both associations and advertisers, and we look forward to providing that same level of commitment to our future clients. 


Electronic Media

In the era of tablets and smartphones, digital content is a crucial component of any effective marketing strategy. Mohanna Sales Representatives understands the unique benefits of new media and can explain these benefits to your advertisers and sponsors. Whether a firm decides to use new media for extra exposure or as the backbone of its campaign, cutting-edge technology is a perfect way to stimulate your non-dues revenue. 


Print Advertising

Member magazines and journals are still the primary form of communication for most associations and societies. Mohanna Sales Representatives has been involved in print advertising for more than 35 years, and our sales team works closely with advertisers to increase their exposure through established print media techniques. Maximum exposure for your advertisers translates to maximum non-dues revenue for you and optimal content for your members. 


Exhibit Sales

Our sales leaders use an array of proven methods to expand clients’ visibility, including shuttle bus videos, goody bag premiums, digital banners, and in-hall promotions. MSR will make sure that your advertisers, exhibitors, and sponsors gain as much exposure as possible through these techniques, increasing your non-dues revenue in the process. 


Event Sponsorship

The easiest way to hold an event without dealing with the financial burdens is to find sponsors who are eager to contribute their resources. Mohanna Sales Representatives can make it happen by creating mutually valuable partnerships between your association and suitable sponsors. Whether you need financial support for a year-round program, an annual meeting, or a memorable keynote speaker, MSR will evaluate your needs and connect you with vendors who can meet them.