About MSR

Mohanna Sales Representatives (MSR) is an independent publishers representative firm founded in 1979. We are located in Plano, Texas, near the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, making it easy for us to travel throughout the nation. We also operate a branch office in Arlington, Virginia. Over the decades, we have consistently increased non-dues revenue and attracted new advertisers for associations like yours. MSR is always adapting to new developments in media and technology, but our exceptional dedication to each and every account remains the same.  

Our Mission

At Mohanna Sales Representatives, our top priority is always the success of our clients. Our team of sales, administrative, and support professionals takes pride in our ability to meet revenue goals, and we will work hard to find the most viable sources of non-dues revenue for you. We will also work with your advertisers to maximize their impact on your members.  

The Mohanna Team

Before joining the MSR team, all of our candidates must demonstrate their qualifications and capabilities during a rigorous selection process. The screening process includes multiple interviews, psychological tests, and many other assessments, ensuring that all of our positions are filled by highly motivated individuals who can deliver for our clients.  

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