Mohanna Sales Representatives

The Mohanna Team

Mitch Mohanna


Starting in 1979, Mitch Mohanna helped associations prosper through the sale of their advertising, exhibits and sponsorships. Mohanna’s mission is to increase non-dues revenue for associations, societies and institutes by building brand awareness for suppliers. Success for associations and their vendors is the cultural heart of Mohanna Sales Representatives (MSR). Mohanna recruits tirelessly and continuously. We interview scientifically and exhaustively so that MSR is staffed by the most talented and effective sales and support people in North Texas. The sales team members who are identified and hired will apply an ethical, patient, consultative, professional selling approach. They build trusting relationships with clients who then support the associations that MSR represents.  “It’s an uncommon sales person who can succeed at sales. With MSR you don’t just get exceptional sales representatives, you get a phenomenal support team as well. We go to work for you as an organization.”

Jarren Mohanna


Jarren Jones Mohanna has managed the administrative and IT side of MSR from the beginning. She oversees HR, IT, and the financial department, making sure all the details are in place to execute the company’s big picture plans. She leads the administrative and customer support teams with a “we will win” attitude that promotes persistence and brings energy to problem solving. “Every member of the team is a vital part of the whole. We try to give them the best tools, training, and rewards so they can each do what they do best, whether it’s sales, customer service or administrative support. We can teach the skills, but we look for people with the right attitude and then do everything we can to help them grow and succeed, which ensures that our clients grow and succeed.”

Kelli Nilsson


Sales Manager

Kelli received her bachelor’s degree double majoring in Communication Studies and Psychology from Texas Tech University, graduating Magna Cum Laude.  She consistently applies her vast communication background in order to develop long-lasting relationships with her clients, and truly understand their marketing needs. Specializing in association media for over eight years, Kelli has extensive experience in consulting clients on strategies that allow them to maximize their marketing investment, while receiving the best exposure to our associations' decision-making audiences. Kelli also implements our sales training programs and consults our sales team in revenue generation and overall sales strategies. 

Brooke Smith


Manager of Business Development
Brooke worked in sales for nearly five years before joining MSR in 2012, and she has an especially strong background in digital media sales. Her experience has taught her the importance of balancing digital and print marketing, and she shares that knowledge with her clients when consulting with them to build a well-rounded, effective strategy. Brooke has an impressive track record of working with associations to maximize their advertising revenue. She loves working in B2B sales because it gives her the opportunity to build long-term relationships with businesses and help them achieve their goals. 

Donna Henderson


 Operations Manager

Donna joined MSR in March of 2016 after spending years providing executive, sales, and marketing support and project management.  Her wealth of experience makes her a perfect fit for managing MSR's support staff and daily operations.  Using her expert organization skills and keen eye for detail, she improves overall efficiency and keeps projects on track while helping staff to meet individual and team goals.  Donna graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Computer Science. 

Mark Mohanna


Sales Leader

Mark joined Mohanna Sales Representatives in 2017 after two years of selling Customer Experience software, during which time he took a consultative approach to help his customers reach their goals. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2015 with a BA in Psychology and a Technology Management Certificate. Mark's tenacity and charisma make him a natural fit for the MSR team, where he is proving his ability to build relationships and drive revenue.

Whit Dreher


Associate Sales Leader

Whit graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Journalism / Marketing. He later received a Graduate Marketing Certification from SMU. His decades of experience in sales and marketing leadership roles have made him an expert at driving sales and maximizing revenue. Whit became a member of the MSR sales team in September of 2018, and his deep understanding of every level of the sales process has proven to be a tremendous asset. 

Evelyn Reyes-Marquez


Associate Sales Leader

  By the time Evelyn graduated from Texas A&M University in May of 2019, she had already proven herself as a talented salesperson and fundraiser. Her intelligence, boldness, work ethic, and positive attitude enabled her to hit the ground running and quickly establish herself as a highly proficient addition to the Mohanna sales team. 

Chris Keeping


Inside Sales Leader  

Chris received his bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M–Commerce in 2009. He started working for State Farm in 2013, running day-to-day operations for two offices and managing both sales teams, all while maintaining his status as one of the top 20 leaders in sales in the DFW area. After spending two years at Farmers Insurance in a consulting role, Chris decided he wanted to get back into sales, and he joined the Mohanna team as an Inside Sales Leader in November of 2019. 

Mason Mohanna


Controller, IT Director

Mason graduated from UC Berkeley in 2012 with a degree in English. After working for several years as a software project manager in Austin, he joined MSR in 2018 to handle IT, HR, and accounting duties. 

McCall Mohanna


Client Service Associate

McCall’s intelligence, eye for detail, and years of experience in the association media sales industry make her a perfect fit for MSR's support team. One of her key strengths is her tenacity, and she has repeatedly demonstrated her willingness to overcome any obstacle to support the sales team. McCall graduated summa cum laude from Texas State University with a degree in marketing and a concentration in professional selling.

Veronica Schuster


Client Service Associate 

Veronica joined Mohanna Sales Representatives in November of 2018. A quick learner with a wealth of prior experience as a sales team support member, she soon mastered her role and has developed into an essential part of the sales process. Her intelligence and winning personality make her a joy to work with for her coworkers as well as clients and advertisers. 

Derrick Hill


 Client Service Associate 

Derrick had years of experience in administrative roles before joining MSR in August 2019. His experience and genuine love of administrative work are reflected in his positive attitude, attention to detail, and remarkable ability to quickly learn and master processes.