Mohanna Sales Representatives

Success Stories


In 2006, the American Public Works Association (APWA) hired Mohanna & Associates to sell advertising for its    . . . 

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In its first year of handling advertising sales for AutoInc. magazine, Mohanna Sales Representatives increased revenue    . . . 

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Prior to 2008, advertising sales for Sheriff Magazine were being handled internally by a staff member, but sales were disappointing . . . 

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“Mohanna really learned our business, kept us well-informed, and freed me up to focus on editorial.” 

The Secured Lender 

“Everyone at Mohanna Sales Representatives has been extraordinarily professional in their contact with us.” 

AFE Facilities Engineering Journal 

“I appreciate the way the MSR sales leaders solve problems in the field and then inform me of the solution as opposed to dropping a difficult situation in my lap and then saying, ‘Go fix this.’” 

Public Safety Publication 

"I've been very impressed and happy with the orders Mohanna Sales Representatives have been bringing in." 

Legal Publication