Mohanna Sales Representatives


“Mohanna Sales Representatives are always cheerful and upbeat, and we know they will always do their best for us.” 

AFE Facilities Engineering Journal

“They are never annoying or overly aggressive, but they’re not afraid to go after advertisers in competing publications and ask for the order.”  

Midwest Magazine Network 

“I’ve never had to worry about whether Mohanna's territories are being covered, and I know that no advertiser will be forgotten.”

– Midwest Magazine Network 

“I like the way Mohanna Sales Representatives operates. They deal with people in a professional way that’s very different from the irritating, annoying approach you typically find with aggressive sales people, and they get results.”

LOMA Resource 

“Mohanna Sales Representatives also have a better back-office operation than most rep firms.” 

AAA Midwest Magazine Network

“They work hard to satisfy their clients.” 

Healthcare Financial Management Association

“They were the only firm to tell us that they would make face-to-face calls on potential and current advertisers instead of just relying on e-mail and phone contacts.”

APWA Reporter

“Mohanna Sales Representatives really stood out from the other firms we interviewed.”

Legal Management and ALA News 

“They don’t just work the phones, they get out there and sell.”

Engineering Publication 

“Mohanna Sales Representatives know how to sell, even through recessions.”

Engineering Publication

“Mitch finds and trains really amazing people who share his smart, strong, honest work ethic.” 

Engineering Publication

“Mitch has built a great organization that keeps getting better.”

Midwest Magazine Network

“Mohanna Sales Representatives do their homework, build relationships for us, and deliver what they promise – and more.”

– Engineering Publication

“Mohanna hasn’t just made my job easier, they’ve made this side of it a pleasure.”

– Engineering Publication 

“Mohanna won back advertisers we had lost, got those who had stayed to increase their frequency and their size, and brought us new advertisers.”

The Secured Lender

“… there is no question that Mohanna has helped increase our sales dramatically.” 

– workspan