Mohanna Sales Representatives

How We Can Help


What's Your Goal?

Are you looking for more non-dues revenue? More ads in your publications? More event sponsors? More conference revenue? A greater presence in the marketplace? No matter which goals you choose to focus on, Mohanna Sales Representatives will work hard to make them a reality. As your eyes, ears, and hands in the field, we will nurture the relationships that you need and bring any available sources of revenue to your attention. 

Your Association, Front and Center

MSR works closely with associations of all sizes in a variety of industries every day. In addition to selling advertising pages, we will use our decades of experience with your colleagues to develop new sources of revenue for your association. Our expertise allows us to find potential vendors, marketing tools, and untapped markets that other sales teams might overlook. 

Our Process

Mohanna Sales Representatives works toward revenue growth by seeking out new advertisers and helping current advertisers reach their visibility goals. We use a number of traditional and modern techniques to secure financial commitments from advertisers, but face-to-face meetings are still the foundation of our approach. The MSR sales team specializes exclusively in the association sector and is fully dedicated to hitting designated targets for digital and print media sales. An equally dedicated administrative and support staff assists our salespeople at all times. 

Back-End Support

Working with Mohanna Sales Representatives means having access to a qualified staff of administrative and support professionals who will work hard to make your job easier. We will gladly save you the trouble of chasing down ads, proofing galleries, managing your online buyers guide directories, and invoicing and collecting from advertisers. We'll also regularly provide your team with detailed sales reports and figures so you have as much info as possible when determining your budget.